A man whose name is known even to those who have never watched TV in their life will hold a BIG CONCERT.

  • 03/31/2021 - 04:00 pm

In 2001, a simple guy from the Penza court came to Moscow. Today he gathers houses all over the world, and tickets for his performances fly out in the first days of sales. Over the years, he has pumped up his (and not only) humorous muscles in a way that no bodybuilder dreamed of, got married, had two children, recorded three albums, launched his own online project and instilled dependence on his hahahakis in all Comedy Club viewers on TNT.
Will sets trends in humor and is not afraid of consequences. In his monologues, he talks about women and politics, show business and sports, Skolkovo's innovations and the problems of fathers and children. He has no taboo topics, because he knows the main rule - there are things that should be taken seriously ... But only until a decent joke is found. He raises sensitive topics, but a lot is forgiven for his relaxed presentation and sharp mind.
Duration 2 hours.
Each viewer, regardless of age, needs a ticket.