3-d mapping musical "Сhernomor"


  • 01/02/2020 - 02:30 pm
  • This show is a kaleidoscope in which bright details are miraculously transformed into a single gorgeous pattern. On the stage, innovations peacefully coexist with classical forms of art: live vocals, choreography of different genres and dangerous circus acts!
    One of the most famous musicals, based on Russian epics and Pushkin's fairy tales, won the hearts of millions of viewers! The premiere at one of the best concert venues in Moscow, the Olympic Stadium, became a high-profile event in the theatrical life of the capital. Later "Chernomor" toured many Russian cities, and everywhere it was awaited by overwhelming success and unchanging sold out.
    For the first time in the world, 3D-MAPPING technology was used to create a full-scale musical, immersing the viewer in the thick of events that take place in a wide field, in a sultry desert, in royal chambers, in a witch's den or on the field of a heroic battle. And the gigantic head of Chernomor looks so vivid and realistic that it takes the spirit of even adults! The effect of being inside the stage action is created not only with the help of special effects, but also thanks to colorful costumes, bright makeup, and, of course, the skillful acting of the actors.
    A touching story about friendship and courage, love, loyalty and nobility will not leave anyone indifferent. To save his beloved, Ruslan will have to visit three Kingdoms: Fire, Ice and Air, enlist the support of their inhabitants and defeat the insidious Blackbeard in a dangerous duel. Only then will the evil spell fall and the heroes will find their well-deserved happiness!
    In the interpretation of the "Triumph" Producer Center, classic plots acquire a modern sound, and therefore neither parents nor children have to be bored at the performance! However, the creators of the musical did everything so that the guys did not just have fun, but could get to know the national epic heroes better, feel the beauty and comprehend all the wisdom of the Russian fairy tale.
    Duration 1 hour 20 minutes, no intermission.
    Each child under 12 years old is intended a gift, with him to have a birth certificate.
    Up to 4 years old inclusive, a child can go to a show with an adult free of charge, without occupying a separate seat. In controversial situations, they can check the birth certificate.
    There is entertainment for children in the lobby, so we recommend arriving early:
    - offsite casting to participate in the filming of plots in the Yeralash studio (we can also register everyone who wishes to pass the casting in the studio);
    - interactive with Santa Claus and Snegurochka;
    - professional photograph;
    - Interaction with the characters of the children's TV channel "Shayan TV", contests from the leading TV channel;
    - face painting;
    - master classes on the potter's wheel from the studio of ceramics "Mimimi".
    Each child under 12 years old will receive a gift (have a birth certificate with you).
    Gift composition:

    - sweet dessert from the Akkond confectionery factory - 2 pcs;
    - juice "Favorite" - 200ml;
    - Children's ticket to the Riviera water park;
    - Children's ticket to the Ferris wheel "Around the World";
    - invitation ticket to a master class in the Yeralash studio;
    - an invitation ticket for a free admission to the Treasure Island game park.